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I currently offer one to one Life, Career & Leadership Coaching. Your Coaching experience can be tailored to any aspect of your life - career, love life, relationships, finance, personal growth, etc., etc. I particularly like working with clients that are not living up to the true potential - this may be due to self-esteem challenges, destructive / counterproductive thinking, or even from common fears / anxieties that many of us experience. Furthermore, I'm trained & certified in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coaching from Six Seconds. My EQ Coaching helps to provide clients' with a quantitative, point-in-time, picture of where they are with respect to their self awareness, self management & self-direction - by knowing this information, I can work with clients' to help them devise tactical plans that will assist with their ideas for self-development & personal growth.


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If you are looking for a coach who knows how to help you turn emotional intelligence (IQ) theory into practice for your personal and professional life, than look no further. His coaching provided me with the mindset that was needed to blend thinking and feelings in order to have (a better) successful relationship with myself and others.



Patrick was a fantastic coach definitely helped me through a tough time with the pandemic and being abroad. He put in a lot of time and effort. I would highly recommend him thank you Patrick. 



Patrick enabled me to see beyond the limitations of self-doubt and negative thought and to realise the power of visualising and walking a different path to success and life-fulfillment. Highly recommended. 

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The care and patience I recieved from the coaching sessions were amazing! It was something new to me. I loved every session and it helped me get my career back on track!