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Customized cartoon characters are a must to promote your brand, or use it in your social media to give your page a lift! Everyone has a special super hero character that needs to come up sometimes! Mnawrah as a brand believes on customizing items, make it more personal and memorable for users. THE MISSION Aysha dreams of converting her talent into a valuable contribution towards her society as an inspiration to others. She passionately believes that there are many hidden gems within our culture that are yet to be discovered and shared with the world. THE ARTIST Aysha Saif Al Hemrani was born in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, in 1991 - and is popularly known as @Mnawrah. She enjoys Emirati pop culture, and makes it a point to translate that culture into art. While Aysha's family and teachers have been very supportive all throughout, the main turning point was when she actually shared her drawings with the general public through social media platforms in 2005. Technology made it easier for Aysha to interact with people, all of which excited her and motivated her to become more productive in regards to the kind of art projects that fulfill her society's needs.


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